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We’re committed to changing the world with a side dish by creating convenient, easy-to-prepare, quick-cooking foods that are also healthy and delicious. Garlic Clove Foods pilafs are made with our perfect original combination of 100% whole grains (quinoa, bulgur and millet), vegetables, legumes and natural herbs and spices. We have tons of inspiring and scrumptious combinations, recipes and ideas for you, so take a look around our site to find incredible (and super easy!) meal options you and your family will love. We would love to hear from you. Please share all the great new ideas or recipes you come up with. It’s easy! Just get in touch with us at info@garlicclovefoods.com or on Facebook or Twitter! To stay up to date with all the exciting things going on with Garlic Clove Foods, including all the latest specials and offerings, subscribe to our newsletter.