I can’t believe it’s that time again – school starts here next week and somehow the summer flew by. The vast pages of school lunch ideas I was going to create have yet to materialize and I am in the midst of thinking through lunches for the first week.

There was a time when I didn’t think twice about what my children packed for lunch. At the beginning of the week I would stock the fridge with deli meat, cheese and tortillas. The kids would make their lunch every night and I would simply pack it together in the morning. Bliss – until I began our whole food journey. I began reading package labels and ingredients and researching deli meat. It became increasingly hard for me to just pick up deli meat and call it lunch.

Fast forward 5 years of our whole food lifestyle and school lunches can still be a challenge for me if I am not prepared. This is where I find meal planning helpful and why I rely so heavily on my Meal & Grocery Planner. Leftovers work great for lunches and I try to plan a couple of large meals during the week. I also do my best to keep my pantry stocked with staples so I can always make things like Garden Summer Rolls or Santa Fe Burrito Bowls. My kids still love ham and cheese rollups, and they get to make those every now and then when I can find organic ham and cheese and I have time to make homemade tortillas (they are so easy to make at home!).film Beauty and the Beast 2017 trailer

Here are a few of my go to lunch ideas – hopefully some of these will work for you!