So, last week I mentioned that during the summer my family eats a lot of grain bowls and many of you asked for me to elaborate.  Here goes!

The Top 5 Reasons I love Grain Bowls!GRAIN BOWL COMBOS

1. Prep Ahead Superstars
Grain Bowls are Prep Ahead Superstars!  I can spend about an hour Sunday afternoons prepping for the week ahead.  I throw some beans in the crock pot, grill some chicken breasts or put a whole chicken in the crock pot (that’s why I’m thankful I have 2 slow cookers!), chop some veggies and make a salad dressing.

2.  Easily Customizable
In my family of four,  we all eat a little differently.  I am always looking for meals that I can customize without have to cook a different meal for each person.

3.  Lot’s of Combinations
Change up your grains.  Change your beans, Change the dressing.  There are so many different combinations.  Have Fun!

4.  Allergies, no problem!  Make them Gluten Free.
By choosing gluten free grains like quinoa, brown rice or millet, you can make delicious Gluten Free Grain Bowls.

5.  Let’s Cover Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!
One of my husband’s favorite breakfasts is freekah with roasted potatoes and squash topped with over easy eggs.



Check out The Kitchn’s website for easy dressing recipes that pair great with grain bowls.  Here some other great Grain Bowl combinations by the Greatist.  Enjoy!