Our Story: The D’Angelo Family

We are a healthy food company because we are a family business.

Garlic Clove Foods was inspired by our family’s desire to eat healthier.  Faced with food sensitivities in our youngest child, we found ourselves having to make some big lifestyle changes.  We educated ourselves and read labels closely. We were shocked to see the ingredients lurking in the products we brought home – loads of sodium, preservatives and ingredients we couldn’t pronounce. We stopped shopping the aisles of the grocery store and began cooking everything from scratch. As working parents, we really missed the convenience of quick-cooking packaged foods. Not satisfied with the products on the grocery shelves, we decided to create our own. And if we were looking for healthier grocery items, there had to be other families out there doing the same.

Because we are a family business first and foremost, we are a different kind of healthy food company. Product development happens in our kitchen, and our children are the taste testers.  As our product line has expanded over the years, we remain dedicated to the same core principles – 100% organic whole grains, no added salt, sugar or preservatives.  But we don’t stop there.  We strive to make each product just as easy to prepare as it is delicious. From whole grain pilafs to soups and chili, to oatmeal and spice blends and the introduction of our new Meal & Grocery Planner, we offer something for everyone. Because we want to help you get a healthy meal on the table, everyday.